The main reasons to visit Slovakia are its natural beauty, vibrant history and great opportunities for relaxation, and the small size of the country makes it easy to combine all three together. Slovakia has a moderate climate with sunny, hot summers and cold, cloudy, wet and snowy winters. Although the overall climate remains mild, significant temperature differences exist between summer and winter. The people of Slovakia are by nature very friendly and hospitable.

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Quick facts

Capital CityBratislava
Official languagesSlovak
Area49 035 km²
CurrencyEuro (EUR)
Population5.4 million



Getting in

Slovakia has two popular international airports, Bratislava and Kosice. The most convinient flight deals can be found if you land in Budapest, Krakow or Vienna.

Many people visit Slovakia overland from Budapest or Vienna, but in most cases they only visit the capital. The aim of this page and my next blog posts is also to encourage them to see a real beauty of Slovakia.


Best time to visit

Slovakia has a beautiful 4 seasons so any time of the year is great to come. There is only a small limitation that during the winter time most parts of High Tatras are closed for hiking.

Why visit Slovakia ?

Slovakia low tatras
Slovakia Low Tatras

If you are looking for an off the beaten track destination within the EU borders, look no further. There is very little public known about this small country, but it has a lot to offer, especially for a nature and outdoor lover.

Best experiences in Slovakia

Visit central and eastern Slovakia

As obvious as it may sound, most people only visit the capital city of Bratislava and maybe a few villages around it, but the real beauty of Slovakia lies in its central and eastern part, where most of the castles, caves, canyons, water streams, cute small towns and mountains are located.

Hike the nature

Do you love castles? Slovakia has the largest number of them. or caves? You can explore kilometers of them with a great infrastructure for an unbeatable price. Still, hiking in the valleys and mountains is something you must try. No matter what season you come, Slovakia and it’s mountains will have you covered.

Visit cute little towns and interact with locals

Besides the natural wonders, find time to visit small cute towns of Slovakia. Don’t visit Slovakia if you love busy cities, skyscrapers and noise of cars all over the street. A visit to Banska Stiavnica, Cicmany, Kosice, Zdiar and many others will show you the unique quiet beauty. All year round.

tips for Slovakia



Normal hotels for most travelers are about the same price as a bed in a shared room in a hostel, so unless you are looking for a people to socialize with, you can prioritize one over the other.


Hiking & Nature

Slovakia has many natural opportunities and one of the best trail marking systems in the world, so you can enjoy it without worries. Check out my articles on how to get around with ease and get the most out of it.



You can use all typical means of transportation, but the most convenient is the train. The special railroad is also made for hikers in High Tatras.